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Lazerlord (or lazerlord10) is the name I use on the internet. That name serves as an umbrella under which I publish my personal projects and experiences for the world to see. I do primarily electrical engineering and technical projects, but also fancy myself a photographer sometimes. Honestly, I barely know what I plan on publishing half the time, so stick around and we can both find out.

I’ve been on YouTube for a few years, but have always kept it as a side hobby. That YouTube channel is my main presence, and this website is an archive of projects that are better suited for text and images. Build logs and tutorials will be the bulk of the content on this site.

Because I have a full time job, there isn’t much room for personal projects, so this website and the main YouTube channel can fall unattended for months at a time. But I hope that my presence on the internet can help get more information out into the world.

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