2023 Low-poly Dragon Heads

summary photo of low-poly dragon head

These two dragon heads, in green and in marble, were 3D printed. The marble and silver one uses PLA materials and the green one uses PETG.

Included with both dragon heads is a 2mm allen wrench, which can be used to disassemble the horns and head for easier transport. The heat-set brass inserts that these heads use will mean that disassembly and reassembly will not wear out the screw holes.

Both of these are intended for wall-hanging, but could be repurposed for cosplay

Marble Dragon

marble front.JPG

The marble dragon is more delicate, and less heat resistant. The gold band (which is real gold leaf) covers a CA-glue joint, so should be handled with care.

Green Dragon

green front.JPG

The green dragon is more dirable and heat resistant due to being made out of PETG. This was a first-run of a dragon head design, but the shape ended up not working well for a wearable head/hat. Some modificaitions were made after the print was complete, but it still does not fit most heads. As such, it too is a wall-mount piece. The transparency of the green material lends itself well to lighting experiments!


green bed front.JPG

green glow.JPG

green side.JPG

green top.JPG

green wall side.JPG

green wall.JPG


horn detail.JPG


marble inside.JPG

marble side.JPG

marble top.JPG